JUNE, 2014

Donning a fat suit and wig
to play an overweight, blond, “big sisterly” waitress named Laura in THE EASY.

Written and directed by Michael Joshua.
Produced by Entropy Enterprise.


It’s the first feature Diane’s been in that made it into distribution!

PEOPLE: What have you been in?
DIANE: Lots of stuff - shorts, features, and various local projects.
PEOPLE: Where can I see you?
DIANE: Um...

Purchase the MARROW download or DVD from filmmaker Matt Wilkin’s Sisyphus Productions website!

“Nice working with you!”
Matt Wilkins
Sisyphus Productions

      “On behalf of everyone at MARROW, thanks for all your hard work and good spirits this past week.
      I wish every actor was as dedicated as you. Hell, I wish every crew member, director and producer was as hard-working.
      I'll keep you appraised of MARROW's progress, as well as Matt's and mine's own future projects, and I hope you'll keep in touch.”
David Miller - Producer
Charismatic Leader Films


Diane performed at the Birthday party of a sweet, shy seven year old girl from Israel. In the room full of families, even the three and four year olds were entranced by THE LORAX (11 minutes long)!

See Diane perform

On March 2, Dr. Seuss’s 108th Birthday, Diane performed for the students of Pierce College and their kids! Diane crafts every show for its unique audience. (Not a problem, since she has two hours of songs and stories to pick from.)

Does someone in your life love Dr. Seuss?
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